Culmination of things - poem

Culmination of things..

I started off with a hair tie
Her hair would fly in any direction momentum would drive
Releasing in quantities that strands were no longer counted
Frustrating at first then it all amounted to smiles because it meant her presence

Then it was the bra, containing beautiful mountain peaks that leave me in awe
I never her saw her coming in my direction, once she stepped forward she became part of my reflection
I still have it still in my drawer, maybe she'll come back for more?

Next it was her shoes, not just a pair but two
Left to remind me that she's walked in this door,
She's walked through many times, leaving her shoes meant good news,

I washed her shirt, it was left under the bed, 
After such amazing connections and mentally getting head, I was enameled with pride
She became a means for my happiness to thrive
I realized now, I could survive

Then it was a toothbrush
   A real brush
Hair spray
And facial cleanser
She knew the code to my house, containing the key to my heart
It went from seriously loving, to seriously living
My heart I was seriously giving.

Then one by one those items began to vanish 
I managed to hold on to the bra, a toothbrush hidden among things 
The last bit of shampoo I am using, just so it doesn't go to waste
The cleanser to clear and freshen her face...gone
The strands of hair, subtle reminders of what was here.
I find them once in a while, wondering should I steer clear?

She moved into my mind, and her presence in my house was well defined
But as good things come to an end, thus to begin natural order
She lost that loving feeling, as mine was still bursting through the ceiling
Her shoes were never retrieved, collecting dust but its her reprieve
A symbol that she has walked through the door, maybe she'll walk again
Or I can stare at those black heels and just pretend...


Captured at Savage

Aside from the decent/productive day I had at work it was also pleasing to meet with bride-to-be Deidra. I delivered her engagement shots that were taken in Savage Mill, MD. The conditions of that evening were similar to the overcasting weather that we experienced today. Not as windy and cool though... (thank goodness)

Take a look.

Welcome Back

I took an extended hiatus from blogging and here was my thought process 1) no one is reading 2) am I just complaining or nagging...who wants to read that? 3) Precious (un-copyrighted) poetry is exposed. Suddenly, I realized that writing is an exercise, an exercise that must be practiced, an exercise that must be shared and I also have a new found interest and skill in photography. So now you get a new exposure to an artistic side that has been in development for quite some time. I hope to hear feedback and reactions throughout the oncoming weeks and I hope to have your support in my artistic decisions. Until then...